On account of vaastu defect in the house people remain issueless

Every man and woman in the world wants to have offspring after the marriage. But many a time it is seen that husband and wife being quite healthy in body and mind and being able to conceive remain issueless. Besides the fate, the vaastu defect too plays an important role for couple remaining issueless. If any couple is issueless then they should remove the vaastu defect of their house because negative energy is generated in the house due to vaastu defect and it creates obstacles in getting the offspring. I advise those couples who are issueless that they should get themselves examined by an able doctor. They should also remove the vaastu defects of the house so that their desire to get an offspring may be fulfilled. Generally the following vaastu defects create obstacles in increasing the family.

1 If there is no construction work in the south west of the house and there is open space in the north east corner and there is construction and there is no open space and because of the houses in the neighborhood there is no door or window. If there is bed room in the room situated in such corner of the house then there is obstruction in getting offspring for the couple.

2 If there is no open space in the north and the house is adjacent to the yard and there is the open space in the south then the increment in the family is stopped.

3 If the north east corner of the house or the boundary wall becomes viewless then the male child will not be born. Even if it is born then it will be handicapped or insane and will have a short life.

4 If there in no window on the wall of the main gate or on the wall in front of the sleeping room of the couple but there is any window on the wall of the main gate of the sleeping room the left or the right then the couple sleeping there may have an offspring after many year of delay.

5 If there is any height in the west and between the west and the south west corner or between the west and the north west corner there is any tank, chamber or pit etc. then increment of the family is stopped. In such houses if there are any children of marriageable age and their marriage is obstructed then increment in the family is stopped.

6 If the portion of the east is reduced by construction on the eastern boundary then the elder son of the house will acquire bad habits and when they reach the third generation their family will become extinct.

7 If the east and the north are connected and are reduced due to neighborhood then the people of such house despite they are rich they will be heirless. If a male childe is adopted then it may have offspring but it will not be male.

8 If the north east corner is narrowed and the north west corner is extended then the number of enemies will increase and loss of offspring will take place. This loss may be of living offspring or the offspring being brought up in the womb.

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