The vaastu defect create obstacles in the marriage of children

Now-a-days it is seen that obstacles are created in the marriages of well educated, handsome, smart, working on high posts or being successful business men boys and girls. Thus their marriages are delayed. Parents roam about for marriage of their children but there is no conclusion in sight and delay is caused. On the surface there appears no reason for this but when the vaastu analysis of their houses is conducted then it is found that there are such vaastu defects in their houses of irregular size, which create obstacles in their marriage and they are thus playing their important role. The marriages of children should take place on time. For this the principles of vaastu shastra should be observed.
According to the vaastu shastra air prevails in the north west corner. As per the jyotish shastra the lord of the north west corner is the moon and wind is its god. Thus in the north west corner the nature of the direction, god and planet is on the move. So for a girl of marriage able age a room situated in the north west corner of the house is the best and if there is no room in the north west corner then arrangement for her can be made in the north west corner of any room situated in the north or the north east corner of the house. The colour of the room should be light pink or any other light colour which appears beautiful to the eyes. The deep blue, black or slate colour should never be used.
For a son of marriageable age any room situated in the north east corner or the east in the house is the best.

1 It is tobe noted that the room for a girl of marriageable age should be in the north west corner but if the tradition to show the girl in that room is followed then obstacles may be created in the marriage. It is better to do this in the room situated in the north, the north east corner or the east of the house.

2 The bed of the children of marriageable age should be kept in such manner that it may be used from both sides. It should never be adjacent to the wall on one side if the bed is adjacent to the wall on one side the opportunity for marriage is reduced.

3 It is inauspicious to keep feet at the entry door so the bed should not be placed in the sleeping room before the entry door. The bed should be placed in the sleeping room in such a way that the person may see towards the entry door while lying on it.

4 If there is any beam, plank or over head water tank on the sleeping room then it creates mental tension which makes them depressed and they fail to articulate correctly while selecting their life partner.

5 If at the right side corner of the entry door of the sleeping room any picture of Shiv-Parvati, parants, love bird, couple of duck and drake or smiling photo of any couple is placed then the possibility of marriage increases.

The above is the description of decoration of the room of the children of marriageable age. But there may be obstacles due to the vaastu defects of the house. So those defects should also be removed.

1 If there is place of worship just before the bed room or some portion of the bed room is used for worship then the mistress of the house is of religious tendency and her daughter’s marriage is much delayed and obstructed. After the marriage there is the problem of settlement.

2 If the place of worship is in the bedroom of the couple then wife is very religious and she is famous in society. She creates disputes without any reason and she also saves much money. Obstacles are created in her daughter’s marriage.

3 If any room is used by husband and wife as bed room and the guests also sit there and converse then wife is very unstable and unsteady. If there is any source of water then wife and daughter bind themselves in the attraction of some one else.

4 If the bathroom and kitchen are in one line in a house the girls of the house remain disturbed and unhappy and their marriage is delayed.

5 If the drainage of dirty water is through the hall or there is any chamber or the hall is very small or it is like a tail or it is directly connected with any bathroom then such person is manipulator and he tries to seek salvation. Obstacle is created in the marriage of one person in the house.

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