Sweetness of married life may be spoiled by the vaastu of house

Every man and woman in the world wants to live a happy, sweet married life with his or her life partner. But there are very few fortunate couples who can lead their married life with sweetness, happiness and peace. Now-a-days it is seen that because of lack of adjustment between husband and wife they remain dissatisfied with each other and there is quarrel between them. While inspecting the vaastu of the house of such couples generally it is seen that there are such vaastu defects in their house, which affect the happiness and simplicity of their married life. Here some such vaastu defects are being mentioned, which cause tension and disputes between husband and wife and reduce the sweetness. If the vaastu defects of the house are removed then certainly the couple living there can lead a sweet, happy and simple married life.
1 If the front portion of house is broken, plaster stripped or a crack in the front wall broken or dilapidated in any way then the mistress of the house remains sick, she is mentally disturbed, unhappy and indifferent. So the sweetness of her married life is reduced.

2 If there is much darkness in the hall of the house and lack of ventilators and there is a big and wide door in the hall then the business circle of the head of the family is very wide, his business is also big but he takes delight in illegitimate corporeal relationships. It creates dispute between husband and wife and destroys mutual sweetness.

3 If there is no correct ventilator and light in the bed room and the height of the bed room is much greater than its length and breath then husband and wife are unhappy and disturbed and the mistress of the house is very coward in nature. So in order to keep relationship sweet arrangement to keep proper light in the bed room should be made.

4 If there is some space to keep some house hold articles under the bed in the bed room of the couple then only beddings and off season cloths should be kept there. If any useless material is kept under the bed then every day some strife is created between husband and wife for trifles and sweetness comes to an end.

5 If there is place of worship in the bed room of the couple then wife is very religious and she is famous in society. She also saves money. But there is dispute and argument between husband and wife without reason which does away the mutual sweetness.

6 There should not be any wash basin in the bed room for washing face and cleaning teeth with brush. The couple in whose bed room this arrangement exists husband has some doubt on the character of wife. If there is any water tap in the bed room then wife of the head of the family is religious but she is also a puppet of another man and there is no sweetness in her married life.

7 If the door of the bed room is used as the main door of the house then the character of the mistress of the house is mysterious. If there is any big drum or copper vessel in the room then it shows that the relationship between husband and wife is not sweet.

8 If in the room on the left side of the main gate there is storage of useless material then the woman of the house has some trouble in her eyes and the mutual adjustment and cooperation between husband and wife is very ordinary and they have no sweetness in their relationship.

9 If in the sleeping room of the couple white wash is not good and the stone or brick of the ceiling is visible then there is lack of love between husband and wife and there is no mutual under standing and sweetness.

10 If husband and wife use the drawing hall as their bed room and any corner of the hall is being used as storage of money and jewellary of the house then mistress of the house is very wise, beautiful and effective in conversation and the head of the family earns much money in business and property easily and consumes all the means of luxury. Husband loves his wife and keeps good relation with friends. Wife is also very wise and sensitive.

11 If the way to store room goes through the bed room or the store room is with the bed room or the store room is used as bed room then wife of such house is very fortunate. The head of the family makes progress after his marriage when wife steps in. So there is much sweetness between them.

For the happy married life husband and wife should take their meals together once in a day. This increases sweetness, love and intimacy.

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