Houses are auctioned owing to the vaastu defects

Every person builds his house with great expectations and goes to live there. During the construction work he becomes certain that in the house he would along with his family live and the coming generation would also live there with happiness and comfort. But many a time it is seen that after his settling down in the newly constructed house he faces many economic problems and he gradually sinks into debt. With the increasing amount of debt he is compelled to mortgage his dream house and the same house because of his default to pay off his debt is auctioned one day.
On the vaastu inspection the house being auctioned we find that there are such vaastu defects in the construction of the house which is auctioned.

1 In most of the buildings being auctioned there is some vaastu defect in the north west corner such as the north of the north west corner being extended, there being a pit in the north west corner, the north west corner being higher than the south west corner.

2 The house which has its main gate in the north, there is no open space in the east and the house is adjacent to another house, there is more open space in the south than in the north then the person living there faces economic difficulties and such a house is sold to many persons.

3 The building which has its main gate in the north and there is also a door in the south west corner along the road in the west then such a house or a place of business will not stay with one person and because of losses it will be sold many times and will be exchanged many times into separate hands.

If after occupying the new house economic condition deteriorates then after removing the vaastu defects it can certainly be saved from being auctioned.

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