On Account of Vaastu defects business and industry incur losses

Friends! I have had opportunities to give advice on Vaastu about many sick and closed industrial Units and business places. Wherever I went I found that in every industrial area about more than 50% industrial units are closed. Out of them about 10 to 15 % could not be started after construction of building or installation of machinery and whichever are working more than half of them are incurring losses. Similarly many business places were seen, which are working but they are also incurring losses. You may think as to why such businesses are being run which are incurring losses. There are some compulsions for those industries and businesses which are run in losses. Such as Bank loans, business contracts, labour laws etc. Many a time it is hoped that after some efforts it could be worked. Sometime they think that presently it is the time of recession so there are problems in the businesses etc. You will be surprised to know that among these the units of big industrial houses are also incurring losses such as the Reliance Fresh, Vishal Mega Mart, Subhiksha etc. The big industrial houses have high salaried and expert in their own field, peoples team. Well known architects, engineers and interior designers are there. They have experts of manufacturing and marketing. Despite these the industries and retail show rooms etc. incur losses or they are closed. This is also a matter of pondering that the businessman who installs a big industry or extends his business is also an understanding and able man. The person who installs such a big show, is certainly more intelligent and understanding than the others. In India in many cities big malls are seen, which are either half built or their work is stopped. The malls which have been built and they are in the prime location more than half of them are vacant and the show rooms which are working many of them are incurring losses. So they change their venue again and again. Many malls are not charging any rent from the showroom owners for two or three years so that they should not vacate the show room under the weight of rent because they are incurring losses. They should stay there anyhow.
Many a time I have seen that the businessman tries to make his industry or business a success with his full capacity and if need be he does many things wrong or right to achieve success under compulsion. But despite all this his industry or business continue to incur losses. Many a time to carry on their work smoothly they get rid of one problem and instantly another problem arises. First of all they try to overcome the difficulty with their intelligence but where they do not get any solution many of them fall prey to magic and charm, worship and tantra etc. Despite all this the result remains zero.
The question arises how? Friends! all this happens only due to Vaastu defects of that industry or business.
Wherever I have seen the closed or loss making industries or any business place whether it is a retail or whole sale shop, any type of show room, school, college, hotel, restaurant, mall, two wheeler, four wheeler show room, service station, I.T. Centre, entertainment, news channel etc. the business place of any nature, in whatever location it is situated, of any size, whether it is a shop of small size or industry or a shop of very big size or an industry spread in many acres, the effects of Vaastu is similar on all of them.
I have had opportunity to do vaastu of many industrial units which were running in loss. Their owners have many other units at other places in India to manufacture the same product and those units have been working successfully for many years. On account of those successful units they opened new units. The point tobe considered here is that industrial production is being carried on successfully by the one and some owner at many places for many years. But the new unit of the same owner manufacturing the same product is running in loss. Experience of many years of the owner, skilled and trained workers, the same machinery, suppliers of raw material, buyers of the finished products and well informed person, why does this happen? All this happens owing to the vaastu of that unit.
The industry or business which are incurring losses, I have seen in them one or more than one important defects. If the industry or business of any person in lying closed or running in loss he will find in it one or more than one of the following three Vaastu defects. These defects are such that if they are found in any industry or business, they ruin it.

The First defect – The main gate of the industry is in the east of the south-east corner or south of the south west corner or west of the south west corner or north of the north west corner.

The Second defect – In any form the north, the east and the north east corner is on the high and the other directions and corners are lower. This lowness can be in any form such as – basement, under ground water tank, chemical tank, slope of land, any machinery installed after digging a pit or slope of the land, is in the south west. What is meant to say is that the south west direction or corner is lower in any form than the north east direction or corner.

The Third defect – The north east corner of the industry or business premises, its boundary wall or building is pressed, reduced, slashed or circular and the south west corner is extended.
In any industry or place of business if any of the above mentioned defects is found then there might be some problems. If the defects are more than one, the number of problems might be more and if there are all the three defects then decidedly the industry or business might be facing heavy losses and it might be on the verge of closure or might have been already closed.
If the industry or business of any person in incurring losses or has been closed then certainly all the three above mentioned Vaastu defects might be there in the premises. On the basis of experience of many years as Vaastu Consultant I can assure you that you should remove the above mentioned Vaastu defects then 100% success is assured. For example, if the industry or business is closed due to any dispute then certainly in the east of the south east corner of the industry there might be some pit and there might be door also. If it is closed due to any accident then the south west corner might have some pit or it might be extended or there might be a door. If the circumstances are such that there is a great financial crises then certainly the Northwest corner of the industry might be extended and covered, or the west might be lower than the east or there might be some pit.
Please note that the Vaastu Shastra is a Science. In case of Vaastu defect it shuld be removed by scientific methods and its only way is that the Vaastu defects should be removed by changing the construction of the industry and the business place. Without changing the construction you may use Pyramids, Shriyantra, Bells, Cristal Balls or other materials of Fengsui, Vaastu Shanti, Worship, Charms, Yantra, Tantra-Mantra all these are things to waste money and time. By these methods the things will remain as they are not even one percent benefit. The correct way to remove the Vaastu defects is to change the construction itself such as the pits dug at wrong places should be filled with the clay and earth and they should be dug at right places. The door fixed at the wrong place should be fixed at a right place. Remember that there is no machine for detecting Vaastu defects nor there is any yantra (equipment) to remove the Vaastu defects.
In today’s materialistic age the 95% problems are due to shortage of money and if your business or industry is in loss than do not wander seeing the directions with a good compass detect the Vaastu defects and for happiness, prosperity, fame and for earning money remove the Vaastu defects and I again assure you will overcome the losses and achieve grand success. If your industry or trade is closed you shall restart it.
It should be noted that any industry whether it is big or small, the principles of vaastu will apply to it, which have been given in this book for building construction.

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