The Three very important principle of the vaastu shastra

In this book I have informed you about the building of a vaastu suitable house for leading a happy and simple life and also the effect which falls upon your life by the construction of the house. How the effect of construction falls on you, I have not given any such information in this book because I myself do not know how this effect occurs and this information has not been given even in the ancient books of the vaastu shastra. I did not want that while sitting at my table I should prepare some sketches and make you understand that I have the knowledge of the energy and the effect generated by it and thus I should confuse you and swindle you. To measure the vaastu energy any instrument or machine was not devised by the Rishi-Munies nor have I been able to devise it. The truth is as to what is this energy I do not at all know. I have used this word at many placed in this book. Some where it is called positive energy and at other places it is called negative energy. It has been done to make the readers understand. The construction by which any benefit is derived is called the positive energy and the construction by which any loss or harm is incurred is called the negative energy. It is like this that in case of high fever the doctor advises to take a tablet of crocine and when the patient takes the tablet his fever falls down. The crocine tablet enters the body and how and what work it performs no doctor knows it. But certainly the scientist who invented the crocine must be knowing it. Similarly as the informed vaastu expert know it that in a house if there is some underground water tank along with the door in the south west corner then some calamity may befall on that family and if they are removed from that place then benefit is certain. It is certain that the learned Rishi-Munnies who discovered the principles of the vaastu shastra knew about its effect and processes.
Whatever information I have given in this book its basis is the ancient books of vaastu shastra and my 27 years experience as consultant of vaastu and astrology.
After successful vaastu consultancy experience of many year I have found that in any corner of the glob and in any field of life if any body is successful then his place of residence or place of business must be vaastu suitable. If there is any vaastu defect then they certainly have to face its bad effects.
The common people are confused that it is very costly to build a vaastu suitable building. Space is wasted. But this is quite wrong. The truth is that to build a vaastu suitable building is very cheap and the space is not wasted. Every inch of space is used quite correctly. A vaastu suitable small house looks big and open.
For taking full advantage of vaastu information about many of its principles is given through various T.V. channels, news papers, books, magazines etc. It is not possible for every body to follow all those principles. So I request you that for happy and successful life at least three important principles of vaastu given here under should be followed. You should understand these three in this way that in any examination the question paper bears 100 marks and the three questions there-in carry 20 marks each and other questions carry 1 and 2 marks each. If the answer of any of these three is wrong then its negative valuation is made.
It should be understood in this way that when somebody goes to the doctor, he tries to find out some way out at home. But when the fever goes up to 103-104 degrees then he at once goes to the doctor. So if there is any such serious problem in the family which has finished the simplicity to your life and you are able to find its solution then take it for granted that out of these three there might be one defect certainly.
Its importance you can understand in this way also. If any body has dim vision in the eye then he can carry on his work with the help of a spectacle. If there is some trouble in the teeth then they can be replaced. If there is some trouble in the ears and hearing is lost then an earphone can be used. If the foot is cut then you can live with the help of crutch. But it is not possible to live without three organs of the body heart, lungs and liver. In the Indian yoga many postures (asanas) have been prescribed to maintain health and for some special bodily problems special asanas have been prescribed. But it is neither necessary nor possible to do all the asanas so the learned yoga charyas have prescribed three yoga performances for every one pranayam, anulom-vilum, kapal bharti. If any one does these three regularly then he will certainly remain healthy and if he is ill then he will be healthy. If in any house the following three principles of vaastu are followed then certainly the life of people living there will be happy, simple and prosperous.

1. The boundary wall and the main gate of the building may be made any where in the east of the north east corner, the south of the south east corner, the west of the north west corner and the north of the north east corner but the main gate should never be in the east of the south east corner, the south of the south west corner, the west of the south west corner and in the north of the north west corner. The main gate should never be in the south of the south west corner or the west of the south west corner.

2. Basement, the source of under ground water as any well, bore well, tank, septic tank or any type of pit, the slope of land and floor, should only be towards the north, the north east corner or the east. It should not be in any other direction. Septic tank and toilet should never be made in the north east corner.

3. The north east corner of any plot should not be covered; pressed, slashed, reduced or circular and the south west corner should never be extended.

If these three principles of vaastu are followed then your vaastu may be of the first grade.
In any building if any of these three vaastu defects exist then the life of the people living there cannot be happy. If the fate of a person is strong today then he may not realize it but when the fate goes against him then the vaastu defect may create painful and terrible troubles in his life.
It is to be noted that the vaastu shastra is a science. In case of vaastu defect it should be solved by scientific method and the only way is that by changing the construction of the house the vaastu defect should be removed for a happy, simple and prosperous life without changing the construction of the house you may install pyramid, shriyantra, bells, crystal balls and feng sui material, you may perform vaastu shanti, pooja, miracles, yantra, tantra, mantra etc. but it all will be wastage of time and money.

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